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UnsungChampion MW posted Aug 13, 14
Hello Neverwinter roleplayer, or NWRPer, either is cool with me. It is I, Unsungchampion. Ok, so probably none of you know me. That alright, I am not particularly a veteran of the community. I have taken it upon myself to put some life back into this site (again) as my way of helping all you beautiful people. With Model 4 just around the corner, I though this be a good time to really do some TLC on the website. Here is what I have done. 

Updated Forums-
  • All post that are older than 2014 have been move to The Vault, in a effort to make sure the forums only have relevant material. I have no deleted anything. And if you have a post that you like place back into the Main Forums, please do no hesitate to send me a PM on my account
Making Connections:
  • Added a place where players can announce where they are in game. I have been listening to the NWRP channel in game. I hope this all help you all communicate better to other players and guilds.
Along with this I have a really neat website design in mind, but I do not plan on implementing it until I see some more site activity. I am going to need the communities' help in getting the word out. I have some other neat ideas in mind, but like I said before I won't start them till I see some more activity in the site. 

I am also making a call to all Guild leaders, I want to make a list of active guilds for players to find and have nice list. I plan on making a Guild Compendium in the future for you all. So that's it!


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April 17th, Cryptic announced on their Neverwinter facebook page that Module 3, Curse of Icewind Dale will go live on May 13th. "This third free content expansion will bring players two new adventure zones, Dwarven Valley and Icewind Pass and all new open world pvp."

You can read more about the upcoming expansion on Arc Games.
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