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April 17th, Cryptic announced on their Neverwinter facebook page that Module 3, Curse of Icewind Dale will go live on May 13th. "This third free content expansion will bring players two new adventure zones, Dwarven Valley and Icewind Pass and all new open world pvp."

You can read more about the upcoming expansion on Arc Games.

In other news, there's also a now ongoing Call to Arms Event. In Battle for the Bridge players take on the mighty fire giant Gumthrox in an attempt to retake Firecross Bridge on Mount Hotenow.

The event ends on April 21st, 10 am (Pacific Time). Read more about Battle for the Bridge on Arc Games and you can learn everything you need to know about Call to Arms Events by clicking right 'ere.

I hope this update is seen as a sign of new things to come here on Neverwinter RP. I'll be keeping up with game updates and as soon as the community gets going again, I'll do spotlights of community initiatives and various roleplay guilds and events. What can you do to help? Well, bring your suggestions to the following thread and we'll start getting this bitchin' forum back on track.

So, some first lines from the writer. This is a new project, where I'll be trying and cover some of the lore from the Neverwinter Universe. I will be trying to keep these going on an regular basis, and I'm encouraging discussions in the comments below, so that we as a community together can come up and settle any uncertainties. I'll be trying to do this is an explaining format, by showing how the current status is, and some reasons.

For the first couple of Parts I'll be trying to cover the different cities and towns, starting with the star of the tree.




Protector’s Enclave :


As the heart of Neverwinter’s economy and governance, The Protector’s Enclave makes residence for some of Neverwinter’s most intriguing individuals. The most outstanding one is probably agreed on in the common folks eyes, Lord Neverember, that reclaimed the Protector’s Enclave from the hoards of monsters that had invaded it after the eruption of Mount Hotenow, that layed big chunks of the city to waste, and have since then rebuilt it closer to it’s former glory. It was named after his title, The Protector, after his deeds in reclaiming it, and he’s now overseeing it and the rest of his former great city from the Hall of Justice, as he continues to work on reclaiming those parts of the city that’s still beneath his foes.


Protector’s Enclave is a growing trading location, with trades for about everything. With the Seven Suns Coster Market and Tarmalune Auction House as the center of the economy, the current wealth seems to grow steadily in it’s own pace. There’s also the Manycoins Bank and the Moonstone mask, a legendary tavern floating just outside the coast of Neverwinter, which is one of the reasons It’ve managed to stay free from any spellplague involvement. The current owner of the tavern, Liset Cheldar, the current owner of the tavern is usually found inside her tavern, greeting the guests, and got some stories on her own to tell.


There’s also the Driftwood Tavern, a fine drinking establishment located in the Protector’s Enclave, close to the city gate. Whilst the Moonstone Mask may be referred as a more decadent and famous tavern, the Driftwood’s alse casks are said to be so much larger, and even their owner, Madame Rosene, is often found inside the tavern greeting their guests.



Lord Neverember:


Lord Neverember, also called by The Protector, is the current Lord Protector of Neverwinter, and rules over the city from the Hall of Justice located in Protector’s Enclave. Born in Waterdeep, Lord Neverember keeps an title of Open Lord, and is one of the wealthiest men in the whole Sword Coast. Since the unfortunate events concerning Neverwinter, he’ve been taking on the responsibility for rebuilding the city to it’s former glory, and starated doing so by reclaiming the Protector’s Enclave from the monsters lingering there.


Lord Neverember do hold the Crown of Neverwinter in his possession, but he neither claims to be king, nor wears the crown in public. It’s discussed wherever it’s because he do not desire the title, or because the long held belief that the Crown would kill anyone who wears it, without the right to rule.


Although he’s loved by many for beginning to reclaim the city, there’s still those who oppose his ruling, and someone even came up with the little pun ’’The Pretender’’, a twist on the title ’’The Protector’’. Two of his major opponents is the more political group, the Sons of Alagondar, and their violent sub group the Nashers, who are not afraid to use violence and criminality to get things going their way.



Taken from ’’The Crown of Neverwinter’’, found in the Hall of Justice Vaults.


’’Forged of Mithral, set with blue gems, and said to kill any pretender who wears it, the Crown of Neverwinter is a potent symbol to the people of the city.


Though it has been roumored for some time that Lord Neverember possesses the Crown, he has never publicly worn it. Those upset with Nevermber’s rule claim he knows the crown’s magic would kill him as a usurper. Other say Neverember is wise not to press his claim to the city until Neverwinter is rebuilt and unified.


Whatever the reason, the Crown is said to be kept in the vaults beneath the Hall of Justice, where it is guarded by Neverember’s soldiers, and some say, by the city’s honored dead.’’



The Blacklake District :


The Blacklake District is largely beneath Nasher Rebels control, and does not accept Lord Neverember as their rightful ruler, but would rather see the late Lord Nasher become ruler of Neverwinter. The Nashers is also the faction who stole the Neverwinter crown from Lord Neverember, or ’’The Pretender’’, as they make fun of his title ’’The Protector’’. As they’ve settled in Blacklake District, that have made it surprisingly intact since the unfortunate events that have shooked the rest of Neverwinter, the Nashers dares any soldiers or mercenaries working for Lord Neverember to try and take it from them with force. It should also be mentioned that not only the Nashers, but additionally an big chunk of the residing folks in the Blacklake district have decided to go against Lord Neverembers claim, and refusing to just let him walk in and reclaim the district.


Kidnappings have been reported more commonly on the later days as well, in the same wave as rumors about a secret society devil worshipers have risen even more usuall, and there can even be found diabolic symbols left as graffiti on the walls around the district.


The Tower District :


The Tower District is located in the Forgotten Realms. It was once the residence for the proud Tower Lords, Wizards and Mercantile Guilds. But the Tower District was destroyed during the event of Mount Hotenow a few decade back, and has yet to be brought under the protection of Lord Neverember.


The most recent information about the Tower District concerns the invasion by an small orc army from the Many-Arrows Tribe, that came down from the north and has claimed the district for themselves. Their commander, Vansi Bloodscar has taken the Cloak tower as her personal headquarters, as she’ve fortified the district heavily.


Lord Neverembers forces are stationed to keep the orcs from spreading into the rest of the city, but his resources are spread thin, and the orcs keeps killing everyone who passes in onn their territory.


One of the first outstanding buildings found when entering the Tower District is the Fallen Tower Tavern. While the top of the tower has collapsed, the lower floor is still intact, and works as a tavern. The tavern have been declared an neutral zone, and both Neverwinter’s people and soldiers can be found inside, together with the Many-Arrows orcs. The current top of the tower can be reached though, with an spectacular view on the magical effect from the Spellplague that still lingers in the tower: Spirits of the dead keeps on falling down the center of the tower.



The Neverdeath Graveyard:


The Neverdeath Graveyard is another district within the city. It’s the burial ground of Neverwinter, thought it’s currently working as an warzone, after Valindra’s allies began to corrupt the ground, and made the deceased come back as undead to fight Lord Neverembers forces.


The most noticable factions that’s currently feuding about the grounds is The Red Wizards of Thay, that follows the commands of Valindra herself, The Cult of the Dragon, that presists mostly of kobolds, gnolls and a few humans that have opened an second front against Lord Neverembers forces.


To withstand these two factions, there’s also the Doomguide’s and Acolutes of Kelemvor’s encampment. It’s the last line of defense keeping the undead from roaming the streets of Neverwinter, and they’re currently working hard to keep their ground.



The Chasm:


The Chasm is the result of the earthquake caused by the Mount Hotenow event, and is a festering pit of Spellplague that cuts through the old city walls, and is seen as an pulsating wound on Neverwinter’s foundation.  It began to send out Spellplagued creatures to invade Neverwinter, but the people of the city managed to hastily put up some defenses to keep the monsters out.

Councilman Lawlwtf Should make note that The Tower District is currently under the control of the Many-Arrows Orc tribe. Also that Neverdea ...
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The White Stag

Rumors have been heard around the towns of Neverwinter, about a white stag that have begun to roam the green forests. It's said to be one of the most majestic creatures ever spotted, and those who implies they've been close enough to the animal to smell its scent speaks off it to be the smell of a field of thousand flowers, and it's fur is said to shine like the purest of diamonds when struck by the sunshine that lingers down from the three tops.

Though majestic creatures have been spotted in the past around Neverwinter, what makes this stag so special, is the fact that an rich individual named Harrold Lione have put a price on the animals skin, on the whole amount of three hundred gold coins. An overwhelming amount for whoever that would succeed to catch the stag.

From what the people speak, the stag seems to have been most recently spotted by a small river crossing in the south-west parts of the deep forests during the early hours, where it have been drenching it's thirst. It's unknown to why the animal have first now decided to let itself be noticed as much as never before, but some say that it's an act of pregnancy - That the animal craves for more open areas to give birth to it's children.

Now, this have not stopped Harrold Shimmer from requesting the animal at his court within the few weeks ending, and it's recently started a trend on betting wherever he will receive this trophy or not.

It have almost done more to enhance the hunt for some of the beast, that some of the individuals in Neverwinter, both poor and rich, have declared that they won’t take part in this hunt, and would rather scare the stag away, to make sure it stays safe from any hunters, if they stumbled upon it.


One of these individuals is Lady Wirona Lightshiver, an younger woman of high status residing in Waterdeep. Even though there’s over one hundred miles between Harrold and Wirone, the feud is clearly visible in company of both parties. Whilst Lady Wirona is told to have been increasingly stressed and having an harder time raising the tips of her pretty lips into a smile, people say that Sir Harrold is doing the opposite, drinking and feasting like there’s no tomorrow, sure at the fact that the stag will soon pride his walls, and some implies, his belly.


It’s also told that people who want to aid in saving the stag from the hunt is promised some kind of reward from Lady Wirona, though it haven’t been stated in context what such an award would consist off, it’s said that it’ll be generous indeed.

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As bad as the Spellplague and the revelations following it affected us hin, I have to admit that we weren't the worst affected by that time. Yes, we lost our homeland. And yes, our central deity turned out to, essentially, be a lie.
But when Luiren sank, that wasn't the end for us. Most of the Ghostwise lived elsewhere, the Lightfoots had been moving away from Luiren ever since the Ghost Wars, and the Stronghearts ... well, they at least could run westward, or north over the mountains to escape.

The gnomes of Lantan, on the other hand, had nowhere to escape to, not in any real numbers.
Their flying machines probably saved a handful, but when those waves rolled over their island, most of the gnomes went down with it.

Now, Lantan wasn't the gnomes' original home, the way Luiren was for us hin. As far as anyone can tell, the gnomes popped out of the feywild like the early elves and eladrin. Gnomes still in the feywild generally fall into one of two groups: hidden in little hollows under the ground, or serving the fomorians. You know those vicious little redcaps? That's what the fomorians have made the gnomes they got hold of into. Can't really blame them for getting out of the feywild at the first chance they got, really.

The really sad part about Lantan sinking, though, is that is what gnomes here are like: They live in little burrows and hidden villages. Lantan was the only gnomish country. And it was where all of the innovation in the entire race came from.
The gnomes of Lantan travelled, adventured, invented, tinkered.
And the rest stayed in their burrows and made sure their illusions hide them properly.
Gnomes are starting to come out of their holes, but only slowly, and nowhere near on the same scale as Lantan was.

Lots of people tend to lump gnomes and hin together, but, really, other than size we're not much alike. We're about as different as humans and eladrin, really, and for most of the same reasons.
Gnomes live up to three hundred years. Hin ... not nearly that long.
We do get along with each other pretty well, though. If they'll come out of their burrows and talk to you, they enjoy a good joke and don't take things too seriously.

But that's rare these days. They used to be nearly as common as us hin, but now it's almost like they stopped existing once Lantan flooded.
If there's one thing you learn when studying history, it's that everything changes, words included.
Go back a couple of centuries, and the only eladrin around were off in a couple of the celestial planes with th e Seldarine and Sune. These days? Look around. There's probably a couple around you.
I don't know if it's due to age, but elves seem rather prone to renaming whole sections of their race. Or races. Whichever.
Used to be, sun and moon elves were, as the name says, elves. No one really thought of them as any different from any other elf. Except drow, because no one really likes them, what with the whole slavery and spider obsession.

Anyway. The sun and moon elves were always thought of as elves. Called themselves elves, and so on. But, the Spellplague hits - yes, it's always about that thing these days - and the feywild bumps back up against us, and it turns out that there's a whole load of sun and moon elves over there, rather more fey than the elves who've been stuck here for the last few thousand years. Suddenly, the definition of just what a sun or moon elf changes. There's still a few of old elves who've lived her for generations but, suddenly, most sun and moon elves are much more fey than elf now, and a couple of the different types of elves started calling themselves eladrin, instead of elves.

Of course, if you go all the way back, it seems that this isn't the first time they've renamed themselves. As far aads I can tell, all the back in the Dawn Ages, a bunch of fey wandered into Toril from Faerie, which has since turned into the feywild.
Those early eladrin were the green elves - notice how quickly they started calling themselves elves - the sea elves, the avariel, and the lythari. Those last two aren't nearly as common these days - the avariel were mostly wiped out by dragons and if they're still around they don't get out much, and the lythari, well ... they look a lot like werewolves, and dislike fighting. That tends to lead to misunderstanding and dead lythari, so they stay around Evermeet where the locals know not to kill them.

So, the elves started off with the green elves. As time passed and the feywild drifted away, the grew less fey and more ... worldly, let's say.
As time went on, they spread. And they changed. The green elves became the sylvan elves, the wood elves and wild elves of today.
The eladrin that kept the closest ties to Faerie split off down another path, becoming the sun, moon, star and dark elves.

The sea elves ... well, they jumped into the nearest ocean and swam around a lot. All elves keep to themselves, and the underwater ones are even harder to get to talk then the rest, so there's not really much I know about them. Yet.

Now, all these different types of elves aren't just random, arbitrary names given at random. Each group has its own set of traits, although, as you'd expect from their common ancestry, they can be pretty similar in a lot of ways.
And, you've probably noticed I've left one big group out. I'll get to them later.

First up, the only actual elves left around - the wood and wild elves.
Now, the main trait about the sylvan elves is that unlike the eladrin and their ties to the feywild, sylvan elves have a connection to nature.
For the wood elves, this means that they tend to live in small villages in the deep woods, and favour the magic of clerics and druids over that of wizards. They tend  to live more physical lives than other elves, and are quite often stronger as a result.
Wild elves ... take this even further.
Wood elves might dislike cities, seeing them as just transient attempts to control nature, but wild elves ... they really dislike cities and, as the name suggests, live out in the wild. They remind me a little of early ghostwise halflings, just without the influences that lead to the Ghost War. Wood elves get along with other people, but wild elves do not like outsiders at all. And while the wood elves still maintain a connection to divine magic, as well as limited arcane abilities amongst the best of their archers, the wild elves have almost no magic users of any kind, save for a handful of mostly female shamans. Wild elves are, however, probably the physically strongest sort of elf around.

Now, on to the eladrin. These elves are either from the feywild, or tied to it in some way. The more 'civilized' sorts of elves are in this group, like the ones in Evermeet.
Incidentally, a lot of their biggest or most important settlements tend to have portals to the feywild, or just exist both here and in the feywild at the same time.

So, let's start off with the friendliest and most common sort, the moon elves. These guys get on quite well with a lot of different races. Very well indeed, as it seems that most half-eladrin have a moon elf parent. Honestly, I like the moon elves better than the other eladrin. They actually get along with people and have a good sense of curiosity. You'll find quite a lot of them wandering around looking for adventure, and they're usually pretty laid back about things.

Sun elves, on the other hand ... well. You've heard stories of stuck-up elves thinking they're superior to everyone else? Those are the sun elves. Used to be called the gold elves, were always a pain to deal with.
Oh, some can be nice and friendly, but as a whole ... they're the opposite of the moon elves. On the other hand, sun elves can be quite useful - they're one of, if not the best, bunches of wizards around, but ... they take everything far, far too seriously and hold onto ancient grudges almost as badly as hungover dwarves.

The star elves ... well, they're an odd bunch. Honestly, if we ever succeed in helping the eladrin of New Sharandar, these guys will probably be next in line asking for help. A long time ago after their kingdom had fallen and Narfell and Raumathaur started to rise, they basically decided they'd had enough of life here on Toril and moved what was left of their kingdom out of this plane entirely.
That actually worked out pretty well for them, although they've started to come back, since strange magical creatures have started invading their little demiplane. I bet they're watching the feywild right now, to see if asking for help would actually work.
While hidden away, they didn't really have any contact with Toril, and they can be a little ... outdated. And they don't have much of an idea of anything that's going on these days.

And finally, the other elves. The dark elves, and the drow.
They used to be the same - the dark elves were cursed by Corellon, changed by demons and turned into the drow.
Corellon made them hate light, and Lloth countered by giving them advantages in the dark.

There's a few good drow, but ... be careful. If you get fooled or mistaken, you won't like the situation you find yourself in at all.
Typically, drow are at least as bad as the sun elves when it comes to thinking that they're better than everyone else, but, well, at least the sun elves don't go in for wanton cruelty, slavery, and sacrifices to spider-goddesses.

The dark elves ... are what the drow used to be. Closer in appearance to the other elves, with dark skin instead of being utterly black like the drow. I'm not sure what to make of the stories floating around out there that, when she died, Elistraee redeemed her drow followers, and Corellon turned them back into dark elves.
It wouldn't be the strangest thing to have happen, that's for sure.

This, of course, is just a broad overview. But when you're dealing with something as old and big as the elves, going in small chunks seems like a good idea. I'll probably get around to elven and drow histories later.
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