Nixy Wickpin wrote:
DISCLAIMER: The images below depict content available in Neverwinter's third beta weekend. It'll probably make it to launch without incident, but as is always the case in beta, the developers might alter or outright remove things as they see fit.

With that in mind, I threw together the following images as a reference guide to dyes presently in the game. Dyes can be applied to armor, fashion items (non-combat clothing) and weapons. Most items have three different sections that can be dyed -- primary, secondary and accent -- though simpler items might have two or just one. At present, most (though not all) dyes come from the Zen Market, and are sold as tricolor packs or single-color bottles.

Using a dye pack will color all three sections of an item, but you cannot choose which colors are applied where; for example, purple is always the primary color in the Neverwintan Royal kit. Using a dye bottle will color just one section of your choosing. Bottles are cheaper and allow greater customization, but you need to buy more of them to fully color all of your gear. It is possible to dye an item using a pack, then change individual color(s) using single bottles.

DYE PACKS (click for a larger image)


(A) Neverwintan Royal Dye Pack
(B) Crimson Dusk Dye Pack
(C) Ebon Darkness Dye Pack
(D) Emerald Dragonscale Dye Pack
(E) Paragon Noble Dye Pack
(F) Winterwolf Dye Pack
(G) Celestial Grace Dye Pack

All but (G) are available through the Zen Market; a single purchase gets you a stack of four (enough to fully dye four items). The Celestial Grace pack comes from Ardent Coins, one of the currencies acquired through prayer, and you only get one per purchase rather than a stack of four. There is also a Nightmare Dye Pack available via Tarmalune Trade Bars, which I assume are an endgame currency; as such, I've not been able to preview that one yet.

DYE BOTTLES (click for a larger image)

In these images, the primary and accent colors have been dyed, and the secondary color left untouched.


(H) Blue Dye Bottle
(I) Red Dye Bottle
(J) Purple Dye Bottle
(K) Black Dye Bottle
(L) Pink Dye Bottle
(M) Green Dye Bottle

All of the above come from the Zen Market in packs of four. A number of basic colors are conspicuously absent, but perhaps they'll be rotated in as new content for the store.